VAC-12076 Field Assistant (DRR)

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Do you have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as technical education in masonry, construction, associative engineering, architecture, or civil engineering with one year of working experience? *

Do you have High school/College Diploma in the above field(s) of studies with 3 years of relevant professional experience? *

Do you have experience in construction work with different types of structures particularly stone masonry protection walls, gabion masonry protection walls, retaining walls, gabion works, check dams, water intakes, culverts, floodway’s, and others (buildings, etc.) *

Do you have experience in organizing on-site activities such as the layout of structures including protection walls, monitoring construction works and labours, preparing CfW timesheets, receiving and recording construction materials and construction tools etc? *

Do you have Knowledge of using level machines, and GPS? *

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Do you have experience in Emergency Response in the region and familiarity with the Geographical context of the region? *

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