VAC-11547 Enumerator DTM

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Which province are you currently residing in? *

This position is available across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Kindly write your preferred first, second, and third-priority provinces for your application. *

Can you travel to different remote districts in the province you are applying for? *

Do you have experience in data entry, data analysis, generating information and reports? *

Do you have experience with GPS and mobile data collection technologies, including KoBo or Open Data Kit (ODK) applications? *

Do you have experience in conducting community and household assessments and surveys? *

Do you have experience working on emergency and development projects? *

Do you have experience working in the UN and humanitarian sector – specifically in vaccination programs? *

Do you have College diploma in Data management, Information Technology, or related fields from an accredited academic institution with two years of relevant experience? *

Years of relevant professional experience? *

In due course, there is a possibility that your contract be modified to a daily contract in which you will be paid for days on duty. Would you agree to it?

Do you have any relative(s) working in IOM Afghanistan? If yes please give the name, unit, and duty station.