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Vacancy id VAC-9863
Job title VAC-9863 Chief Technical Advisor - Riyadh Municipality Project
Location Riyadh
Apply by 22-Jun-2023
Start date 01-Jul-2023
Duration 1 year
Number of vacancies 1
Qualification Master's in Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Local Economic Development, Urban Infrastructure, or other closely related fields with minimum of 10 years of work experience (desirable).
Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Urban Development with minimum of 12 years of work experience (desirable).
Sector experience Minimum of 10 year/s of demonstrable relevant Urban Development experience (desirable).
Geographical experience Minimum of 10 year/s of experience in Middle East (desirable).
Languages Fluent in English (desirable).

Job description

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Overview of position

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is undergoing major transformational economic and social change, driven by Saudi Vision 2030, which is aimed at reducing the county’s reliance on oil revenues and government spending.  Launched in 2016, Saudi Vision 2030 is founded on three pillars — 1) A vibrant society, 2) A thriving economy, and 3) An ambitious nation — that draw on the nation’s intrinsic strengths. Key to its success is creating high-performing, accountable government at all levels; attracting private sector investment; nurturing an entrepreneurial environment; and ensuring employment opportunities for the country’s young population. Riyadh City, the country’s financial and administrative capital, is at the heart of this change and well-positioned to support the achievement of Vision 2030 goals and targets.

The past 50 years have seen Riyadh evolve into the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, having benefited from urban planning expertise, infrastructure investment, inward migration of workers, and local and foreign direct investment. Riyadh’s strong growth is forecasted to continue for the next 20 years, with the city’s population projected to double from the current 7.5 million to 15 million people by 2030. The government has already committed more than US$ 250 billion for infrastructure projects as part of an US$ 800 billion investment package over the next 10 years, with the participation of the private sector, to transform the city.

Riyadh Municipality must support this substantial growth with effective and efficient infrastructure-related facilities and public services by integrating business strategies, technology, and people. In this regard, the Municipality has already adopted a number of innovative approaches to provide this support. Indeed, Riyadh Municipality has been a leader in KSA’s digital transformation efforts in line the rapid global technology development and government and institutional trends

The Riyadh Strategy 2030 vision is to transform the capital city into one of the world’s top ten city economies, doubling its population to 15–20 million people while increasing the number of visitors to more than 40 million by 2030. The strategy, which is due to be launched in 2022, will be implemented through 26 sectoral programmes, including more than 100 initiatives and over 700 pioneer projects across various sectors and in different parts of the city. Riyadh Municipality will therefore have an important role to play in the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of its vision.

The strategic aim of the project is to enable Riyadh Municipality to more efficiently and effectively fulfil its mandate in the four areas of cooperation through provision of substantive technical assistance, advisory and quality assurance services from our client. This will enable Riyadh Municipality to contribute effectively to the achievement of the Riyadh Strategy 2030 vision and Saudi Vision 2030.

To this end, drawing on its extensive international expertise and experience in institutional strengthening, assisting municipal infrastructure and service delivery, and increasing community and voluntary engagement, Our client will assist the achievement of the following four expected project outcomes based on the four agreed areas of cooperation:

  • Mayor’s Office has access to international best practices and uses up-to-date international expert advice in decision making.

  • Riyadh Municipality able to effectively use big data and evidence to support informed decision making on policy and strategy, and infrastructure development and service provision.

  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs) actively involved in infrastructure development and service delivery.

  • Increased and strengthened community and voluntary engagement through local bodies and digital channels.

The project will provide a strategic framework for our client to provide substantive technical assistance, advisory, and quality assurance services to Riyadh Municipality to deliver on its mandate and in particular, perform its functions more efficiently and effectively in the areas of cooperation that are the focus of this project. The project will capitalize on our client's institutional and human capacity-strengthening expertise and experience and its strategic role as a central and impartial knowledge provider, builder of capacities, partnership broker, and facilitator of exchanges at country, regional and global levels.

      Role objectives

      Scope of Work 

      • Supervise the project support teams and provide key technical expertise in coordinating, guiding, and hands-on supporting the assigned project.

      • Ensure Alignment and coordination, technical soundness, Quality Assurance, and monitoring of the assigned project.

      • Advocate for Sustainable Urban Development within the context of Saudi Vision 2030 and Agenda 2030 in partnership with key local and national stakeholders.

      • Support and UN-sponsored Capacity Building programs on an industry and institutional level with the preparation of expert training materials, logistics needs, and facilitation efforts.

      • Work closely with the National Project Coordinator and another key local, regional, and national project partners, ensuring optimum participation and promoting ownership of key stakeholders for effective and efficient implementation of the assigned project.

      • Support the operational management of the project according to the Project Document in addition to the policies and procedures for nationally executed projects

      • Support Capacity Building programs on an industry and institutional level with the preparation of expert training materials, logistics needs, and facilitation efforts.

      Duties and responsibilities

      Supervise the support teams and provide key technical expertise in coordinating, guiding, and hands-on management supporting the assigned project

      • Provide technical leadership and advice on project outputs, facilitate capacity building and training support, strategy planning and conduct consultation as needed.

      • Set priorities among key Project Activities and provide direction to the Support teams on efficient and effective project implementation.

      • Provide key narrative, M&E, work plan, and budget contributions for the assigned project quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reporting.

      • Ensure efficient and active sharing of learning and knowledge management contents, including providing strategic expertise in reviewing and editing reports, documents, papers, and Project outputs for the project assigned to

      Ensure Alignment and coordination, technical soundness, Quality assurance and monitoring support for the outputs of the project assigned.

      • Prepare and contribute substantially to review reports and advisory briefs; guide the “assigned project”; in conjunction with our client's project support team

      • Monitor performance on a regular basis and recommend interventions to sustain and strengthen project performance and negotiate with management and our client Country Office Management such interventions

      • Provide ongoing strategic technical guidance to and key stakeholders, including sharing of information, providing training and updates on innovations, strategies, and approaches.

      • Develop an in-depth relationship with the and Key stakeholders as well as relevant national stakeholders of various sectors, including private and non-profit sectors.

      Support Capacity Building programs on an industry and institutional level with the preparation of expert training materials, logistics needs, and facilitation efforts

      • Set up training, as needed, for the and key stakeholders to ensure they are well-informed and prepared for implementing the assigned project

      • As requested, assist in organizing and leading high-level seminars, national workshops, and leadership meetings to strengthen the institutional and governance capacity of the  to effectively implement and administer the assigned project outcomes and outputs.

      Support the operational management of the project according to the Project Document in addition to the policies and procedures for nationally executed projects.

      • Manage the timely delivery of the overall Annual Work Plan of the assigned project and develop it to sufficient detail including scheduling, budgeting, and reporting all activities .

      • Ensure accurate reporting of our client support teams’ progress and confirm milestones achievement for disbursements.

      • Conduct technical reviews and supplement as needed to align with International Best Practices.

      • Prepare and present assessment results, work plan and measurement framework developed in response to project revision.

      • Lead the process of Identification, documentation and incorporation of lessons learned from this project.

      • Develop a detailed project implementation plan, coordinate, and supervise the work of our client and other agencies project experts, including the preparation of the terms of reference for international and local experts under the project, forward planning of project activities and budget expenditures.

      Project reporting

      This role will work under the overall guidance of the Urban Development portfolio Saudi Arabia Office Management and Deputy Resident Representative.

      Key competencies
      • Achieve Results: Set and align challenging, achievable objectives for multiple projects, have lasting impact

      • Think Innovatively: Proactively mitigate potential risks, develop new ideas to solve complex problems 

      • Learn Continuously: Create and act on opportunities to expand horizons, diversify experiences

      • Adapt with Agility: Proactively initiate and champion change, manage multiple competing demands 

      • Act with Determination: Think beyond immediate task/barriers and take action to achieve greater results

      • Engage and Partner: Political savvy, navigate complex landscape, champion inter-agency collaboration

      • Enable Diversity and Inclusion: Appreciate benefits of diverse workforce and champion inclusivit

      Team management

      This role has no team management responsibility.

      Further information
      • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s specific values and ethical standards and acts in accordance with the Standards of Conduct for international civil servants while advocating for our client mission and vision

      • Ability to negotiate for solutions through participatory methods with various stakeholders at different levels – local, regional, and national .

      • Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise.

      • Strong analytical and writing skills and a track record in producing relevant reports and other materials are required

      • High level of communication and interpersonal skills and experience in working effectively in a multi-cultural environment is required

      • Creates confidence among stakeholders, by delivering authoritative positions, compelling analysis, and contextual acumen

      • Leading multicultural teams is an asset 

      • Knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is an asset 

      Disclaimer: At no stage of the recruitment process will CTG ask candidates for a fee. This includes during the application stage, interview, assessment and training.