Position details

Vacancy id VAC-8225
Job title VAC-8225 Project Management Support - Senior Associate (Community Liaison)
Location Kandahar
Apply by 18-Sep-2022
Start date 18-Sep-2022
Duration 2 months
Number of vacancies 1
Qualification Secondary School in Completion of secondary school (essential).
Bachelor's in A first-level university degree (e.g. Bachelor) in Sociology, Development Studies or other related areas (desirable).
Sector experience Minimum of 2 years of experience in communication and liaison, community mobilization or other relevant fields year/s of demonstrable relevant Communication experience (essential).
Geographical experience Minimum of 2 years of experience in communication and liaison, community mobilization or other relevant fields year/s of experience in afghanistan (desirable).
Languages Fluent in English (essential).
Fluent in Pashto/ Dari (desirable).

Job description

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Overview of position

Following the political events in Afghanistan in August 2021, the subsequent economic collapse has led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis putting over 24 million people in immediate need of aid. To provide immediate short-term livelihood opportunities and deliver urgent essential services in rural and urban areas, Our client is working with funders to implement a large-scale community resilience program. The initiative aims to reach an estimated 1.1 million households, or 7.5 million Afghans,with livelihoods and income support. In addition, 9 million Afghans in some 6,200 rural communities and 8 cities will benefit from improved access to essential social services through strengthening the capacity of community institutions in inclusive service delivery

Role objectives

 Facilitate community targeting

● Identify target communities in poor neighborhoods. Target communities will be constituted by Community Development Council clusters or a Gozar Assembly.

● Organize and facilitate meetings with target communities to verify whether the project’s Entry Criteria for Access are fulfilled.

● Liaise and collaborate with Facilitating Partners, organizations which will help target communities to meet the Entry Criteria for Access.

  Facilitate sub-project selection

● Facilitate the smooth liaison between the project and community representatives and other stakeholders listed under the project documents recommended by the Head of Project, by maintaining regular contact and networking.

● Organize and facilitate meetings with target communities in order to identify subprojects.

● Ensure target community leaders clearly understand the objectives of the project, the permissible menu for subprojects, beneficiary criteria, and roles and responsibilities.

● Administer voting procedures and ensure adequate levels of transparency.

● Clearly communicate to target communities which subproject will be implemented.

 Monitoring and reporting

● Maintain detailed and accurate record of meetings including agendas, meeting minutes, follow-up/action points. Details of meetings held or canceled should also be maintained.

● Deliver documents to all the interested parties and similarly receive documents from both external and internal parties. 

● Ensure that follow up of document approvals by concerned authorities is done consistently, in a timely manner, and ensuring that the Project Management Team is updated as required.

● Ensure that communities at construction sites are kept abreast of the project developments and communication channels remain open with the communities. 

● Respond to community concerns by ensuring that they are brought to the attention of the Contractor and the client's project management team and facilitate the process of resolving the issue.

● Keep and maintain the record of labor force utilization under each sub-project.

● Assist the client in the identification of potential implementation problems and bottlenecks.

● Report to the Project Management Team on a daily and weekly basis on community issues and the project’s performance in relation to those issues.

● Keep up with the weekly and daily developments of the project.

● Mediate issues between the community members and the project staff.

● Forward questions about the project from community leaders and residents to appropriate government authorities and the Project Management Team. 

Impact and Results:

The effective and successful achievement of results by the Project Management Support - Senior Associate (Community Liaison) will support the Lead Construction Management Engineer and Head of Project in liaising with the local community and local contracting and labor associations to ensure the project can be implemented in line with the agreement and as per schedule and scope, addressing the day-to-day concerns of the community, updating on project’s progress, project’s plans, etc. directly impacts on the development and performance of the project. It confirms client’ role as a key and trusted partner, and client’ position as a critical service provider, in all challenging work environments. Given the current political and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, this project would support the urgent repositioning of AFCO and strengthen client presence and visibility in Afghanistan, raising the profile of client in the global humanitarian context. 

Monitoring and progress controls will be in accordance with work plans that the Supervisor and incumbent will prepare at the beginning of the assignment. 

Project reporting


Key competencies


● Completion of secondary school is required.

● A first-level university degree (e.g. Bachelor) in Sociology, Development Studies or other related areas, is desirable but not required, and may be considered as a substitute for some years of work experience.

 Work Experience

● A minimum of 2 years of experience in communication and liaison, community mobilization or other relevant fields is required.

● Experience working with national and international organizations that are contributing to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan is a significant advantage.


● Fluency (oral and written) in English is required.

● Pashto and Dari languages are desired. 

Team management


Further information


Disclaimer: At no stage of the recruitment process will CTG ask candidates for a fee. This includes during the application stage, interview, assessment and training.