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Vacancy id VAC-10548
Job title VAC-10548 Innovation Management Expert
Location Tripoli
Apply by 25-Oct-2023
Start date 01-Nov-2023
Duration -
Number of vacancies 1
Qualification Master's in Advanced university degree (Master's or equivalent) in a relevant field such as innovation management, project management, business administration, science or a related field. (essential).
Sector experience Minimum of A minimum of 3 years of progressively responsible experience in innovation management, project management, or a related field. year/s of demonstrable relevant Project Managment experience (essential).
Geographical experience Minimum of 3 year/s of experience in MENA (essential).
Languages Fluent in English (essential).
Fluent in Arabic (essential).

Job description

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Overview of position

The United Nations Development Programme (Our Client) Libya, in its pursuit of fostering structural transformation, resilience, and inclusivity in alignment with its Strategic Plan, has embarked on an Innovation Journey. This journey is a pivotal initiative aimed at addressing key challenges faced by Our Client Libya projects while enhancing their effectiveness through innovative approaches and practices.


The Our Client Libya Accelerator Lab, overseeing this Innovation Journey, has conducted extensive interviews with management personnel across various Our Client Libya projects. These interviews have provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered in project implementation.


The overarching objective of this Innovation Journey is to harness the power of innovation to overcome project-specific challenges and promote sustainable development. Through a meticulous methodology encompassing data collection, analysis, solutions design, and innovation sessions, Our ClientLibya seeks to optimize the benefits of innovation for its projects.

Role objectives

The purpose of this consultancy is to engage an experienced and qualified Innovation Management Expert who will play a pivotal role in advancing the objectives of Our client in Libya Innovation Journey. The primary focus of this consultancy is to harness the insights and data collected through interviews with Our client  project teams and to work collaboratively with these teams to design tailored innovation sessions. These sessions aim to identify and develop tailor-made innovative solutions on a project-by-project basis. Under the guidance and supervision of the Accelerator Lab Libya - Head of Solutions Mapping, the consultant will facilitate the process of creating and sharing these innovative solutions with project teams.


Consultancy Objectives:

• Data Analysis and Synthesis: The consultant will be responsible for thoroughly studying the information collected during interviews with Our client project teams. This includes the analysis and synthesis of data related to project challenges, opportunities, and areas where innovation can drive improvement.
• Innovation Session Design: Collaborating closely with project teams, the consultant will design and structure innovation sessions that are customized to address the specific needs and challenges of each project.
• Tailor-Made Innovative Solutions: Through these innovation sessions, the consultant will guide project teams in the identification and development of tailor-made innovative solutions. These solutions should be creative and context-appropriate and are intended to overcome challenges and optimize project performance.
• Capacity Building: As part of the consultancy's objectives, the consultant will facilitate capacity-building activities within project teams. This involves empowering project managers and teams with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize the innovative solutions designed during the Innovation Journey.
• Knowledge Sharing: The consultant will actively participate in knowledge-sharing activities, disseminating the innovative solutions and best practices identified during the consultancy to project teams. This includes promoting cross-learning among different projects within Our client 


The consultancy's objectives are aligned with the program outputs of the Innovation Journey,  These objectives collectively aim to drive innovation, enhance project performance, and contribute to Our client  mission of sustainable development. The successful completion of this consultancy will not only lead to the generation of innovative solutions tailored to Our client  projects but will also empower project teams to implement these solutions effectively. Furthermore, it will promote a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing within Our client a, fostering resilience and inclusivity in alignment with the organization's Strategic Plan.

Project reporting


Key competencies
• Develop innovation journey workplan.
• Design and facilitate innovation sessions. 
• Submit comprehensive report on the innovation sessions. 


Functional Competencies:  

The consultant is expected to demonstrate a range of functional competencies essential for the successful execution of the tasks and responsibilities. These include:



Innovation and Creativity:

• Demonstrated ability to think creatively and innovatively.
• Proven track record of developing novel solutions to complex challenges.
• Ability to foster a culture of innovation and creativity among project teams.


Facilitation Skills:

• Proficiency in facilitating group discussions, workshops, and innovation sessions.
• Capacity to create a conducive learning environment.
• Ability to encourage active participation and guide participants toward practical solutions.


Project Management:

• Strong project management skills.
• Ability to develop and adhere to a work plan schedule.
• Effective management of timelines, resources, and multiple stakeholders to achieve project goals.


Analytical Skills:

• Proficiency in analyzing complex information.
• Ability to identify trends and extract meaningful insights.
• Capacity to understand project challenges and develop tailored solutions.


Communication and Presentation Skills:

• Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Ability to convey ideas, facilitate sessions, and produce comprehensive reports.
• Capability to communicate complex concepts clearly and persuasively.


Adaptability and Learning Orientation:

• Openness to learning and adapting to new ideas, approaches, and technologies.
• Ability to keep abreast of emerging innovations and trends.
• Capacity to apply new learning effectively to the Innovation Journey.


Subject Matter Expertise:

• Expertise or experience in innovation management, development, or related fields is advantageous.
• Capability to provide subject matter expertise that enhances the quality of the innovation sessions and insights provided.


7.2 Core Competencies:

In addition to functional competencies, the consultant should demonstrate core competencies crucial for this assignment:


Integrity and Ethics:

• Demonstrated commitment to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.
• Capacity to maintain professional ethics and confidentiality throughout the assignment.


Client Orientation:

• Strong client orientation, with a focus on delivering results that meet client needs.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships with project teams.


Results Orientation:

• Strong results orientation and a proven ability to deliver quality outputs within defined timelines.
• Capacity to manage competing priorities and deadlines effectively.


• Commitment to inclusivity and diversity.
• Capacity to work effectively with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.


Gender Mainstreaming:

• Understanding of gender issues and commitment to gender mainstreaming.
• Ability to ensure gender-responsive approaches throughout the Innovation Journey.


Team management

Teamwork and Collaboration:

• Proficiency in working collaboratively with diverse teams.
• Capacity to foster a spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing.
• Ability to facilitate effective teamwork among project teams.
Further information


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